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North Queensland Recovery and Resilience Grants

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Working with North Queensland communities to deliver locally-led disaster resilience projects

The North Queensland Recovery and Resilience Grants were announced in the 2020–21 budget as part of a $60 million package for five new grant programs to accompany the release of After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery to support flood affected communities recovery from the 2019 North Queensland Monsoon Trough event.


The North Queensland Recovery and Resilience Grants provided $20 million to support locally-led resilience initiatives across the 14 Local Government Areas most flood affected following the 2019 North Queensland Monsoon Trough event.

Grants under Stream One focused on strengthening community hubs and building facilities, ensuring water supply, enhancing tourism opportunities and creating jobs in the 14 most flood-affected councils.

Stream Two focused on land management and was informed through consultation with the two Implementation Working Groups established to help inform the region’s recovery from the 2019 North Queensland Monsoon Trough event.

Key dates

Stream 1 (Local Councils) opened on 20 December 2020 and closed on 31 March 2021.

Round 1, Stream 2 (Land Management) opened on 5 August 2021 and closed on 28 October 2021.

Round 2, Stream 2 (Land Management) opened on 14 February 2022 and closed on 29 April 2022.

How to apply

Applications have closed for these grants.

Successful applicants

Round 1, Stream 1 (Local councils)
Eligible Local Government Area Project name Funding approved Project summary

Burdekin Shire Council

Home Hill Water Supply Resilience


Installation of a bypass pipeline at Home Hill Water Tower


Ayr SES Headquarters


Upgrade/refurbishment of Ayr SES Headquarters


Local Disaster Co-Ordination Centre – Cyclone Shutters


Installation of cyclone shutters in Local Disaster Co-ordination Centre


Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival


Multi-year funding for Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival


Giru Helipad


Relocation of Giru helipad to near SES building


Community Capacity Building Program


Engagement of a Community Engagement Officer to develop and deliver targeted community resilience and organisation capacity building training to support Burdekin’s not for profit community, cultural and sporting organisations.

Burke Shire Council

Water Operator training and mentoring


Engage the services of an external resource to train, upskill and mentor Burke Shire's water operators.


Water Source Inflow upgrade - Gregory & Burketown


Upgrade of raw water intakes from both the Gregory (Gregory Water Treatment Plant) and Nicholson (Burketown Water treatment Plant) Rivers.


SCADA upgrade (WTP & STP)


Upgrade of SCADA for the Gregory and Burketown Water Treatment Plants as well as the Burketown Sewage Treatment Plant.


Gregory WTP Upgrade


Rework of the Gregory WTP chemical dosing systems and treatment.


Disaster and Recovery Generators


New generators for backup communications in Burketown and generator at airport fuel dispense.


Flood Cameras Upgrade


Replacement and upgrade of six (6) old redundant cameras.

Carpentaria Shire Council

Karumba Airport Weather Station


Install an automatic weather station at Karumba Airport to provide information to Council and other organisations for disaster preparedness.


Karumba Chlorine Generator


The installation of an on-site chlorine generator for Karumba reservoirs to store the vastly safer salt alternative on site in large quantities and to reduce transport costs of hazardous chemicals.


Normanton Water Treatment Plant Pipework Upgrades


Re-route the pipe system and pump treated water into the Normanton Water Tower and provide gravity feed to the network rather than pumped supply.


Normanton Water Treatment Plant Storage Upgrades


Development of scoping study for reusing and/or increasing the existing capacity of the decommissioned water storage reservoirs located at the Normanton Water Treatment Plant.


Investigation into New Karumba Sewage System


Scope/master plan for Karumba sewage system, including recommendation of treatment options.


Glenore Weir Intake, Pipework and Valve Set Upgrades


Emergency intake for Glenore Weir during flooding and upgrades to pipework and valve sets.

Charters Towers Regional Council

Establishment of Local Disaster Coordination Centre



Construction and fit-out of a Local Disaster Coordination Centre development on the north side of Council's Administration Centre.

Cloncurry Shire Council

Dajarra Water Treatment Plant Resiliency Project


Long-term security, access and quality of water supply to the community of Dajarra.


Curry Kids Childcare expansion project


Ensure ongoing community sustainability via population retention and growth through addressing long-term waiting lists at the Cloncurry Early Learning Centre (Curry Kids).

Douglas Shire Council

Appointment of a Disaster Management Resilience Officer


Appointment 30 month fixed-term contract position for a Disaster Management Resilience Officer.


Implementing a Disaster Resilient Strategy


Facilitation of the Community Based Risk Assessment workshops across Douglas Shire, including in particular remote communities impacted by the Monsoon Trough e.g. Daintree Village, Degarra and Bloomfield.


Strengthen capacity of Douglas LDMG's Incident Management Team


Developing the skills of the Incident Management Team, formulating a user-friendly flipchart for each IMT role and developing awareness raising videos around the purpose of the Port Douglas Storm Tide Cyclone Shelter. 


Interpreting the Douglas Storm Tide Inundation hydrodynamic model (2020-2021) to the Douglas Shire Storm Tide Zones


Refined mapping for each of the communities within the existing suite of storm tide evacuation zone maps. A risk assessment will be completed by using the recent Storm Tide modelling combined with GIS analysis to identify exposure and vulnerability within each of the coastal communities.


Integrating an intelligent flood mapping forecast system into Guardian IMS and the Douglas Dashboard


Launching a Guardian IMS Bridge module to ensure flood intelligence is seamlessly integrated into a single point of truth (Guardian IMS) and the community (Douglas Dashboard)


Flood Studies - Mowbray River and Mossman River


Hydrological and hydraulic analysis including data collection, review, consultation, hydrologic analysis, hydraulic analysis, determining impacts of flooding on the community, post processing and mapping.


Improving emergency communications


Emergency communications hardware required to strengthen the system including an antenna and satellite phone.


Potable water supply security and resilience strengthening program


Implement a range of measures to enhance water security and resilience


Enhancing Visibility of Disaster Management**

$62,500 Providing training, development of a disaster dashboard app and investing in Douglas Shire’s Flood Early Warning System.

Etheridge Shire Council

Solar Energy - Council Buildings


Installation of solar energy


North Head Road Upgrade


Installation of drainage structures and bitumen seal


Georgetown - Street Scaping


Beautification of St George Street (includes paving, extra parking and landscaping)

Flinders Shire Council

Discovery Centre Stage 3 Upgrade – Internal fittings and Coffee shop


The Hughenden Visitor Information Centre and Museum Expansion and Upgrade project focuses on the revitalization of the visitor information service and museum known as the Flinders Discovery Centre.


Community Gym


Upgrade of the Hughenden Community Gym.

Hinchinbrook Shire Council

Sand Loading Machine


Custom built device attachable to a loader/bobcat to assist with filling sand bags in preparation for events.


Signage and Signage Trailer for Lower Herbert


Dedicated trailer with road closure and other required signage to be deployed to Lower Herbert during flood events.


Four Disaster Message Boards for Problematic Roads


Installation of static flip road closure signage on Bosworths Road, Wallaman Falls Road and Hawkins Creek Road in addition to signage at Victoria Estate indicating closure of the Halifax Washaway.


Two Variable Message Boards


Purchase of two variable message boards for deployment during disaster and emergency events to assist with road closure and other necessary communication.


Employment of Community Resilience Officer


Working directly with Council and the community, the Community Resilience Officer will plan, promote and activate opportunities that support and build resilience across the Hinchinbrook Shire for a 12 month period.

Salary and on costs $85,000 Operations (Catering and materials for workshops, education material etc.) $46,067.45


Kirks Bridge, Liborio's Road


Replacing the existing Timber Bridge with a modern concrete pile bridge, as well as increasing the height of the bridge and both approaches to improve flood resilience.

McKinlay Shire Council

Kynuna township Water Supply


Drilling of new bore and associated headworks at Kynuna township.  This will be the main water supply for the community


AC Main Julia Creek


Replacement of approx. 250m of old AC water mains with 150mm PVC mains

Richmond Shire Council

Airport refuelling station


Installation of a 55,000L Avgas fuel tank at the Richmond Airport.


Water treatment plant filtration system


Improving the filtration of the water supply to Richmond.


Rodeo arena lighting upgrade



Upgrade the existing lighting to the rodeo area for more community events to be held at the grounds.

Townsville City Council

Project One Floodplain Engineer assistance


Engage a suitably qualified and experienced senior floodplain engineer (Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ qualified) is required to direct/project manage and deliver the Floodplain Resilience Program.


Project Two Townsville Landslide Hazard Study


Review and update of the Landslide Hazard Study


Project Three Townsville Floodplain Resilience Program


Ross River Dam flood operations review, flood risk based land use planning and Flood Emergency Management Plan  


Project Four Total Flood Forecasting System


Flood monitoring, prediction & warning system which: maintains relevance; is reliable & well integrated with other systems; is more automated and; is cost-effective.


Building Tourism via unique destination offerings - Ross River Dam Recreation.



Council is working to facilitate economic recovery in the region via the development of unique destination offerings and experiences.

Whitsunday Regional Council

Cannon Valley Reservoir (CVR) including network reconfiguration for optimisation and resilience


The CVR will be a regional reservoir providing network resilience to Airlie Beach, Jubilee Pocket Cannonvale, Cannon Valley, Mt Julian and Proserpine, leveraging the long high pressure main, high elevation reservoir to transform the water network resilience using further integration and pressure reducing valves.

Winton Shire Council

Community Disaster Relief Officer


Engagement of CDR Officer, community engagement and outreach program, mental health training. 12 month program


Rural Signage


Property location signage (supply and install property address signs at property accesses throughout the Shire.)


Airport Genset


Backup genset for PAL system and Comms


Road/Creek Signage


Location signage for roads/creeks, enhanced location service. These road/creek signs are landmark type signs that allow tourists to easily identify where they are (‘just past Craigs Bowzer’) to help with emergency services and local location.


Town Western Entrance Billboards


Business advertising and resilience


Youth Centre / Disaster Recovery Component


Augment Youth Centre with additional facilities for Disaster Recovery, control, coordination and evacuation centre

  Local Disaster Coordination Centre $64,249 Augment Council operations with additional facilities during Disaster Recovery coordination.

* This table was last updated on 30 November 2021.

** Endorsed out of session by the Steering Committee established under the National Partnership Agreement of Grants Assistance to Primary Producers Impacted by the North Queensland Floods.

Round 1, Stream 2 (Land management)
Eligible LGA
Project name Funding approved Project summary
Winton Shire Council Bernfels Pastoral Company Pty Ltd ATF The Oakhill Rural Trust $62,500.00 Flood mitigation and convert dams to biodiversity and structure paddocks.
Winton Shire Council Forster A.W E.J $61,480.00 Controlling invasive woody weeds
Charters Towers Regional Council Charters Towers Regional Council $60,000.00 Land regeneration including control of invasive weeds
Charters Towers Regional Council Hollingsworth RW LA $159,500.00 Ulcanbah West Soil Regeneration Project
Hinchinbrook Shire Council Herbert River Improvement Trust $22,860.00 Remote Operation of Herbert River Floodgates
Etheridge Shire Council Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Ltd $200,000.00 Showcasing resilient grazing landscapes with better biodiversity
McKinlay Shire Council Avery Agriculture $25,000.00 Cell Division for Land Management - Carodon Station
Round 2, Stream 2 (Land management)

Client Name

Local Government Area

Project Summary

Grant Amount

Batt HR TA

Richmond Shire Council

Experiential site to eliminate established seed bearing Prickly Acacia woodlands


Bethel AJ CM

Flinders Shire Council

Upgrading road access and drilling water bore


Jonsson GN KA

Charters Towers Regional Council

Construction of a dam to introduce a reliable water source


Knudsen DF KJ

Flinders Shire Council

Construction of a water system for livestock, implementation of a weed management and eradication strategy


Mt Alma Farms Pty Ltd ATF The Spotswood Family Trust

Burdekin Shire Council

A Water Quality Improvement Project to address water conservation and water quality resources


NO 27 Pastoral Co Pty Ltd ATF Propsting Family Trust

McKinlay Shire Council

Building resilience and promoting recovery


Oakvale Station Pty Ltd

Carpentaria Shire Council

Broadwater rotation grazing  fencing


Redland Park Pty Ltd ATF The James Vincent Brodie Family Trust

McKinlay Shire Council

Fencing of paddocks to better prepare for a flood and improve grasses and soils by rotational grazing.


Stanbroke Pty Ltd

Carpentaria Shire Council

Fencing to improve the biodiversity and ecosystem of this land.


T & J Terry Cattle Company Pty Ltd ATF T & J Terry Family Discretionary Trust

Winton Shire Council

Fencing and construction, clearing and ATV purchasers for the ongoing weed control.


The Nobbies Grazing Company Pty Ltd ATF The Nobbies Trusts

Cloncurry Shire Council

Adopt and implement best land management.



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