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Enhancing National Crisis Response and Recovery Capacities


To ensure Australia has the capacity to respond to emergencies, the National Emergency Management Agency will enhance crisis planning, crisis response and emergency management arrangements.

These enhancements will further support state and territory governments and ensure Australia has increased emergency management capacity for domestic crisis response activities.

The Australian Government will consolidate and enhance existing crisis management arrangements ahead of the 2023 24 high-risk weather season, with a focus on:

  • National capability: support non-government organisations, volunteer organisations and State and Territory governments, through greater coordination of assistance via the National Coordination Mechanism (NCM)
  • National Emergency Management Stockpile: enhance the existing to ensure National Emergency Management Stockpile model to continue to rapidly support states and territories during a disaster.
  • Disaster Relief Australia: continue to support the growth of operations and capacity of Disaster Relief Australia, as announced in the October 2022 Budget.
  • Volunteering: work in partnership with governments, academia and Volunteering Australia to increase the number of volunteers involved in disaster resilience, response and recovery activities.
  • Improved information: strengthen situational awareness and information sharing with decision‑makers and stakeholders.
  • Readiness: expand the National Crisis Exercise Program, to improve emergency readiness.


At the same time, the Australian Government will continue to explore options for longer-term emergency management capability, looking at international best practice and recommendations from the Defence Strategic Review.