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Disaster Relief Australia

The Australian Government has committed $38.1 million over four years for veteran-led Disaster Relief Australia. The funding started in 2022-23. It will give more support to states and territories when disasters occur.

A boost for Australia's disaster volunteers

This funding aims to add over 5000 new volunteers to the organisation. It will cover the costs to uplift recruitment, deployment, equipment, and training. The skills and capacity of the nation's volunteers will also get an upgrade.

The funding has already backed the Brisbane National Operations Centre's launch in June 2024. The Centre supports deployment planning and coordination across Australia. 

These resources are critical. They will support communities across Australia as they face more severe disasters. States and territories will get help from a larger volunteer workforce. The help will come during the relief and recovery period.

Why were the funds given to Disaster Relief Australia?

The organisation sends volunteers to communities in need. They respond to requests of local or state government agencies. They also integrate with local government disaster recovery centres.

It also has agreements with other non-government aid groups. It can work alone or as part of a taskforce.

Interested in being a volunteer? Find out about the work of Disaster Relief Australia and how you can support them.