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Public Safety Mobile Broadband


In the context of increasing frequency and intensity of disasters, emergency services need more complex and diverse technologies to save lives and improve the safety of first responders.

The current communication capabilities of public safety agencies including fire, ambulance and police are largely reliant on land mobile radio networks with limited data services. These do not meet the mission-critical standards required.

A national Public Safety Mobile Broadband (PSMB) capability will provide emergency service personnel with fast, safe and secure voice, video and data communications and instant access to data, images and information in live situations, emergencies and critical incidents. It will enable real time, data-rich analytics, situational awareness and cross-border communications – for example, between ground crews, aerial assets and incident control centres.

This capability will support the coordination of responses across organisational and geographic boundaries, and enhance Australia’s ability to manage emergencies, hazards and threats, in turn helping to keep Australians safe and mitigate damage to property. 

Government Response to the Public Safety Mobile Broadband Review

The Australian Government is responding to the Public Safety Mobile Broadband (PSMB) Review conducted in 2022 by providing leadership to expedite the delivery of a PSMB capability across all Australian states and territories.

The Australian Government’s response to this Review includes investing $10.1 million over the next two years to establish a Taskforce to take forward the recommendations of the Review and drive the delivery of a national PSMB capability.

This is a critical step in advancing the national PSMB program.

The Government’s response to the Review also includes establishing an Inter‑Governmental Agreement and working in partnership with states and territories to ensure public safety agencies are equipped with modern technology and digital connectivity to improve operational preparedness, effectiveness and coordination during disaster events.