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About Us

About the National Emergency Management Agency

Who we are

In the face of devastating fires and floods, the Australian Government combined the efforts of the National Recovery and Resilience Agency and Emergency Management Australia, to create a single, enduring, end-to-end agency to better respond to emergencies, help communities recover, and prepare Australia for future disasters.

Our purpose

In a changing climate and a vast nation facing more frequent and intense floods, storms, bushfires and drought, we ensure a better response in times of disaster, while driving long-term preparedness and lasting recovery. We deliver real impact and leadership, working with local communities, and in collaboration with state and local governments, so all Australians are better prepared for, and supported during, disasters and emergencies.

What we do

We’re leading Australia’s disaster and emergency management efforts by providing informed strategic oversight and guidance, and ensuring we’re constantly connected with local communities.

To help communities respond and recover, while preparing Australia for future emergencies, we:

  • fund programs and initiatives, big and small, that help communities in times of emergency, as well as to recover and prepare, including through disaster recovery funding and the Disaster Ready Fund to help reduce the risk and impact of disasters

  • work with communities, industry and NGOs by connecting local Recovery Support Officers and other NEMA staff right around Australia, to share lessons learnt, provide awareness on navigating government services, and gain community and industry-led ideas and concepts to inform strategic policy and planning

  • give national leadership to share knowledge, situational awareness, and trends in disaster efforts to inform, guide and shape the national picture and decision-making at the Commonwealth, state and local government level – including through policy development and strategy to improve risk reduction, resilience and recovery

  • provide round-the-clock all-hazards monitoring and operational coordination for domestic and international emergencies, including supply chain disruptions, critical infrastructure outages, biosecurity risks and widespread cyber-attacks, and through supporting preparedness and response activities, including through the operationalisation of the AGCMF

How we do it

We’ll always work closely with local communities and state and local government – it’s only by understanding each other and working together that we can deliver real impact. This means listening, learning from experiences of the past and providing real-world and practical solutions to communities across Australia. We will support state and territory governments to deliver, especially where a disaster or crisis exceeds their capacity to respond.

We lead collaboratively with communities, using scientific evidence, best practice and local knowledge to identify challenges and provide viable solutions. We build capability and knowledge, and support the great organisations that come to communities’ rescue time and time again. We’re open and transparent and we don’t shy away from key truths.

Why we do it

As well as costing lives and livelihoods, disasters cost Australia $38 billion per year on average, with the cost estimated to reach at least $73 billion per year by 2060, even with lower emissions. 

As a result of our leadership, Australia will be better prepared to respond to the impacts of disasters and reduce their lasting impact. As a result of our work, communities will be better prepared for disasters and better supported for long term recovery. Together, we’ll make sure Australia is more prepared for disasters, and in a better position to recover long-term.