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Implementation Working Groups


In the immediate aftermath of the devastating flood event of early 2019 National Emergency Management Agency staff were with the communities of North East and North West Queensland.

Teams travelled throughout the region, hearing from locals about their vision for a strong and prosperous North Queensland better able to withstand future challenges.

The locally led, locally understood and locally implemented approach drove the development of After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery (the Strategy) and its implementation.

In June 2022, with all the grant programs administered, NEMA acknowledged the valuable work of the Implementation Working Groups (IWGs) to successfully support the implementation of the Strategy.

It was vitally important the people who will benefit from this strategy had a voice in how it the Strategy was brought to life.

Post implementation, NEMA remains committed to working with stakeholders to continue to ensure local voices are championed in our responses to natural disasters.

Leveraging local knowledge and expertise

NEMA established two IWGs – one for the North East, and one for the North West - ensuring local voices remained central to the Strategy’s implementation.

Establishing the IWGs meant the steps taken to support recovery and resilience continued to best serve their communities. They also provided another way for the Australian Government to keep in touch with local needs and issues.

In June 2022, the IWGs were disbanded following successful implementation of the Strategy.

You can read their terms of reference and communiques below.

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