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North Queensland Economic Diversification Grants

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Supporting local economies impacted by the 2019 North Queensland Monsoon Trough event

The North Queensland Economic Diversification Grants were announced in the 2020–21 Budget as part of a $60 million package for five new grant programs to accompany the release of After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery to support flood affected communities recovery from the 2019 North Queensland Monsoon Trough event.


The North Queensland Economic Diversification Grants provides $9 million for projects to broaden and diversify economic opportunities in the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors across the 14 most flood affected local government areas following the 2019 North Queensland monsoon trough to diversify existing industries, start new ones, and lead to more jobs.

Co-contribution grants of between $10,000 and $500,000 are available on a competitive basis. Applicants’ co-contribution can either be financial or in-kind with no set amount required for the co-contribution.

Key dates

Round 2 opened on 3 March 2022 and closed on 20 May 2022.

Round 1 opened on 1 February 2021 and closed on 19 March 2021.


Applications have closed for these grants.

How to apply

The North Queensland Economic Diversification Grants are funded by the Australian Government's National Emergency Management Agency and administered by the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority.

Applications have closed for these grants.

You can subscribe to receive updates about future grant rounds from the National Emergency Management Agency's.

Round 1 successful applicants

Agricultural stream
Client Name Local Government Area Project Locality Project Title Grant Amount
HINCHINBROOK SHIRE COUNCIL HINCHINBROOK INGHAM Hinchinbrook Grain to develop storage/process of pulses etc. to encourage crop diversification  $500,000.00
NELSON BL CD RICHMOND RICHMOND Abattoir expansion in small outback town to process beef, sheep  and goats for local markets  $276,848.58
OAKVALE STATION PTY LTD CARPENTARIA NORMANTON Water improvements to improve productivity and reduce sediment run off to Norman River  $95,000.00
GFB FISHERIES PTY LTD WHITSUNDAY GUTHALUNGRA Around the clock, automated feed delivery technology to increase Barramundi production  $500,000.00
LOUDON ES ETHERIDGE FORSAYTH Georgetown Workshop to service heavy machinery in town  $290,000.00
HOME HILL GRAIN STORAGE PTY LTD BURDEKIN HOME HILL Grain storage silos and process to support cane growers to do more crop rotation  $440,000.00
SIMSHA INVESTMENT COMPANY PTY LTD ATF SIMSHA FAMILY TRUST TOWNSVILLE GARBUTT Larger plant for  Processing freeze dried fruit that is not of marketable quality  $400,000.00
SIZER & COGILL BULK & GENERAL CARRIERS PTY LTD TOWNSVILLE ROSENEATH NQ Bulk Storage & Logistics - Assist with establishing bulk grain  storage and assoc. process  $500,000.00
Non-Agricultural stream
Client Name Local Government Area Project Locality Project Title Grant Amount
ARCADIAN SURF LIFESAVING CLUB INCORPORATED TOWNSVILLE ARCADIA Arcadian SLSC Alma Bay Clubhouse Redevelopment. Magnetic Island  $359,416.00
CLONCURRY SHIRE COUNCIL CLONCURRY CLONCURRY NW QLD expansion of selling facilities to sell  Bulls  $400,000.00
LILLEY HS TOWNSVILLE GARBUTT Tourism service for vehicle transport for mountain bikers etc. to undertake longer rides   $336,282.00
MOODY IR TOWNSVILLE MOUNT LOW Charter Boat Business Expansion inc. offshore and all weather trips  $110,000.00
TOWNSVILLE TURF CLUB INCORPORATED TOWNSVILLE CLUDEN Townsville Turf Club Community Outdoor Theatre. Diversify income base.  $200,000.00
WHITSUNDAY REGIONAL COUNCIL WHITSUNDAY GUNYARRA Freight Hub Business Implementation Project at Whitsunday Airport  $250,000.00
YAGURLI TOURS PTY LTD BURKE BURKETOWN New Tourism project Burketown Hot Air Balloon Experience trialled over last two months.  $390,172.00