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The National Emergency Management Agency leads the Australian Government policy approach to reduce the risk of disasters and is responsible for driving implementation of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework

This framework sets out the foundational work required to address existing disaster risk, minimise new disaster risk, and deliver better climate and disaster risk information.

Thinking ahead

We recognise the risk landscape is changing.

Natural hazards such as bushfires and floods are becoming more frequent and intense.

Demand is growing to address the financial impacts of a changing climate; people, livelihoods and assets are more exposed and vulnerable; essential services are increasingly connected; and disaster impacts are long-term and complex.

The cost of disasters are growing and the stability of our natural, social, and economic systems can no longer be taken for granted.

As disaster risk grows, our resilience diminishes. Reducing disaster risk is essential to increasing our resilience into the future.

Working together

Key to this is bringing together governments, industry and communities together to reduce impact and loss to create a safer, more resilient nation, now and in the future.

We support others working toward the same vision, through collaboration and by providing national leadership, guidance and funding.

To find out more about our disaster risk reduction efforts, please visit: