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Fitzroy River Bridge

Re-connecting the Kimberley region with the re-opening of the Fitzroy River Bridge

The Fitzroy River Bridge has been officially re-opened less than a year after it was destroyed in the devastating floods of December 2022 – January 2023.

The bridge, which is the main route for travel and freight between the East and West Kimberley region, has now been re-built six times stronger than the old bridge. It contains twice the amount of steel and concrete piles that have been driven twice as deep into the riverbed, leaving the region more resilient to future disasters.


Funding provides community opportunities

With joint funding from the Australian Government and the Western Australian Government through the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements, the bridge was re-built at lightning speed, with completion occurring nearly six months ahead of schedule.

The unprecedented rate of progress was made possible due to high levels of collaboration with suppliers and contractors to ensure components, such as beams, bearings and concrete were made available when and where they were needed and installed efficiently and safely.

Over 240 locals were employed on the project, with a quarter of total construction hours attributed to Aboriginal people. 26 Aboriginal-owned businesses were awarded contracts associated with the re-build.


Fitzroy River Bridge tourism and freight access

Over the past year the delivery of goods and essential supplies have been maintained using low level crossings. Now, heading into this high risk weather season, the community can be reassured that they will have access to essential goods via the new bridge if the river levels rise.

Federal Minister for Emergency Management, the Hon Murray Watt said "It's great that this project has been built with meaningful input and support from the local Indigenous community, and I congratulate all those involved."


Image supplied by Main Roads Western Australia.