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Two people sit at a table together using the Bushfire Resilience Rating app on a phone.

Protecting Australian homes with free Bushfire Resilience Rating app

With warmer and drier conditions driving increased bushfire risk this summer, Australians can address their risk using the new national Bushfire Resilience Rating app.


Bushfire Resilience Rating app brings decades of knowledge

The Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Self-Assessment app brings the latest science and expertise on bushfire resilience into the hands of Australian households through an easy-to-use tool. 

In a world first, households can now measure the bushfire resilience of their own home and receive a customised action plan. As tasks are completed, the home’s Resilience Rating is updated.

The app, developed by the Resilient Building Council, was funded by the Australian government, through $3 million in funding from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) through the Australian Government Disaster Risk Reduction Package.



World first innovation, co-designed with bushfire-affected communities

Over 1,200 households from bushfire-impacted areas helped co-design and trial the app, undertaking actions that resulted in an average 67 per cent reduction in the likelihood of their home igniting in a bushfire. 

Many low-cost actions often improve the home’s resilience immediately, such as draught sealing and moving surfboards and caravans away from the house.

Dr Ian Bennetts, lead author of the Bushfire Resilience Rating system, said, “Bushfires exploit the weakest link in a home, old or new. People can get started now and work through bigger retrofitting items with professionals over time. The more homes upgraded in a community, the less risk of house-to-house fire spread, which can lead to the loss of whole townships.”

The Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Self-Assessment app was developed in response to a key recommendation of the 2020 Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements. 

The next phase of RBC’s Resilience Ratings program will be launched by mid-2024, providing expert on-site assessments for integrated bushfire, flood, storm, cyclone, heatwave, and energy efficiency ratings.

The Australian Government funding for the Resilience Ratings program helps protect homes and supports national systems focused on preparedness and economic stability for all Australians.


Preparing your home for bushfire

Looking to improve your home’s resilience to bushfire? Use the app at