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National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program

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Helping reduce the impact of floods on Australian communities

The National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program was established under the Emergency Response Fund and will deliver $100 million across 2020-21 and 2021-22 to state and territory governments for the construction or improvement of flood mitigation infrastructure.

Flood mitigation infrastructure is an essential public asset, as defined in the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements 2018, with the primary purpose of reducing the risk of flood to, and/or impact of flooding on, a community or communities.

NFMIP contributes to a more disaster resilient and prepared Australia by providing funding for essential public assets that will:

  • reduce the impacts of floods on Australian communities

  • contribute to reducing eligible expenditure under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements

  • encourage positive change in the insurability of infrastructure

  • address relevant household or local government insurance affordability.

Projects Approved for Funding

Australian Capital Territory
Project Name Project Description Approved Funding Year Funded
Throsby Crescent Retardation Basin Construction of a retardation basin and associated works. 
$890,000 2021-22
Narrabundah Playing Fields Retardation Basin* Construction of a retardation basin and associated works at the Narrabundah Playing Fields to increase retarding capacity and reinstate the playing fields.
$4,837,469 2021-22
Goliath Court Flood Mitigation The work involves constructing two raised vehicle crossings, upgrading existing storm water pipes, constructing additional inlets within the lower point of the east of Goliath Court. It also involves upgrading storm water pipes and constructing a new discharge pipe along the Sullivan’s Creek. $1,220,000 2020-21
Mawson Stormwater Improvements The work involves constructing new retarding structure, stormwater pipes and channel upgrade to reduce the risk of flood events affecting Mawson Group Centre. $2,120,000 2020-21
New South Wales
Project Name Project Description Approved Funding Year Funded
Yoogali McCormack Levee Upgrades This project involves construction of a levee along the northern side of McCormack Road and raising Burley Griffin Way to protect the Yoogali community. $1,040,000 2020-21
Cessnock Levee (Bund Wall) This project involves construction of a bund wall (levee) on the east of South Cessnock on a flat land overlying a former underground coalmine. $2,440,000 2020-21
Holbrook Levee The project involves levee construction on the south of Holbrook to divert floodwater and eliminate future flood damage to properties and businesses in the town in the design event. $4,580,000 2020-21
Hanwood Stormwater Pump and Levee The project involves construction of a levee and raising Kidman Way to prevent water from flowing back from drains. Flooding of Hanwood village is mainly due to the backwater effect. $1,240,000 2020-21
Bellambi Gully Channel Improvement The project involves improving the existing channel alignment, culvert reconfiguration and piping some flood flow directly to the lagoon. $2,150,000 2020-21
Fairfield Golf Course Detention Basin Upgrade Dam Safety NSW has declared Fairfield Golf Course detention basin as a 'high flood consequence category', which carries the highest risk of the eight declared detention basins within the Fairfield local government area. This project will upgrade the existing detention basin to increase the basin capacity. $1,920,000 2020-21
Young Trunk Drainage Upgrade 
The project involves the demolition of a section of existing 1500mm culvert, construction of a 4 x 1.6m concrete channel, construction of twin 1500mm culverts and connection to existing minor drainage networks Young NSW.  $6,150,000 2021-22
Retford Farm Detention Basin
The project involves the construction of a detention basin in the Mittagong Rivulet Catchment in Bowral NSW.  $4,612,500 2021-22
Warren Levee Flood Mitigation Rehabilitation Work Remediation of part of the existing levee bank. 
$5,325,000 2021-22
Alice Street Levee Re-habitation Targeted rock protection to the toe of the riverbank between Alice Street and Queen Street $802,000 2021-22
Stockdale Detention Basin Upgrading the existing detention basin with additional flow containment standard and spillway capacity.  $2,325,000 2021-22
Northern Territory
Project Name Project Description Approved Funding Year Funded
Katherine Flood Mitigation Levee South This project involves construction of a new flood mitigation levee (3km in length) aligned along the eastern side of Katherine South to the southern tip of Katherine South. $9,400,000 2020-21
Kulaluk Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Mitigation of flooding in the Kulak community and surrounding suburbs by formalising drainage, filling land and erecting a sea wall $10,000,000 2021-22
Project Name Project Description Approved Funding Year Funded
Armstrong Creek Causeway, Normanton to Burketown This project involves removing the existing floodway and install a new concrete base slab and box culverts through Armstrong Creek on Normanton - Burketown Road. This will raise the creek crossing to improve flood resilience. $793,339 2020-21
Floraville and Truganini Roads Upgrades, Burketown to Normanton

This project involves replacing and upgrading drainage assets urgently required to prevent further closure of the road and the imposition of load restrictions due to structural instability.

A major culvert failure required the urgent replacement of two of the seven major cell culverts on Floraville Road. If the project is not undertaken, the road link connecting Burketown and Normanton (part of the Savannah Way route) will need to be closed and/or detours constructed until replacement can occur.

$3,353,494 2020-21
Dutton Street Bridge (Palm Creek Crossing), Ingham This project involves construction of a bridge along Dutton Street Ingham to link the north and south of the town in flood events of up to a 1 in 50 year flood event. This critical link will ensure that the entire township is accessible by fire, police and ambulance services, and that hospital facilities remain accessible to the public in the event of a flood. $5,753,667 2020-21
Charleville Levee Remediation Works Mitigate and improve levee structure including structural defects and erosion protection systems. $300,000 2021-22
Ballin Drive Detention Basin  Replacement of two existing chutes structures within the East Creek corridor of Gowrie Creek through Balling Park.  $594,000 2021-22
South Australia
Project Name Project Description Approved Funding Year Funded
Two Wells Township Levee This project will construct a flood protection levee around the eastern and southern boundaries of the Two Wells township. The levee will provide protection to the township in a 1 in 100 Annual Exceedance Probability event. The works are proposed outcomes from Stormwater Management Plan for Two Wells (2017). $1,660,000 2020-21
Prospect Drainage Scheme Upgrade – Stage 1 This project will provide a new, high capacity drainage system by upgrade/replacement of sections of the Prospect Outfall Drain. It will also enable future upstream connections to the new outfall drain to further reduce flood risk. The works are proposed outcomes from the Barker Inlet Central Stormwater Management Plan. $1,520,000 2020-21
Mt Bold Dam Safety Upgrade Additional Flood Attenuation An additional Flood Attenuation system to safely pass the Probable Maximum Flood over its spillways without causing the dam to fail $9,525,000 2021-22
Seventh Avenue Flood Mitigation Construction of new stormwater management infrastructure to capture and detain stormwater $420,000 2021-22
Project Name Project Description Approved Funding Year Funded
Latrobe Council – Latrobe Flood Levees This project involves constructing earth and concrete flood levees, water diversion structures and associated works. $1,270,000 2020-21
South Hobart Primary School This project will protect the school from significant rainfall events, and mitigate a high risk of drowning on the site for any rainfall event above a 1 in 20 year or five per cent AEP. $648,000 2020-21
Kingborough Council – Kingston Rivulet This project will upgrade the historic Kingston Rivulet to maximise the amount of flood water capable of draining into existing stormwater systems. $274,500 2020-21
Waratah – Wynyard Council – Port Creek Mitigation This project involves widening of Port Creek as well as levee banks to hold back floodwaters in Port Creek from the surrounding airport and residential dwellings and floodwater discharge. $1,000,000 2020-21
Sorell Council - Devenish Drive SW Upgrade Replace piping, construct drainage and channels to mitigate future flood risks.  $787,031 2021-22
Sorell Council - Seventh Avenue - Carlton Beach SW Upgrade Minimise the flood risk at Carlton Beach Road through construction of new pit inlets, a new outfall and replacement of undersized piping $1,050,000 2021-22
Project Name Project Description Approved Funding Year Funded
Wangaratta Urban Flood Mitigation Infrastructure This project involves refurbishing and upgrading levees to a one percent Annual Exceedance Probability flood level. $3,500,000 2020-21
Castlemaine and Campbell’s Ck Levee The project will construct a new levee in Castlemaine near the Castlemaine Caravan Park, and refurbish existing levees at Elizabeth St, National School Ln & Campbell’s Creek Township. $2,217,000 2020-21
Carisbrook Township Western Levee This project involves construction of levees and associated drainage and culvert works to protect 25 properties from flooding in the event of a one percent annual exceedance probability flood. $1,200,000 2020-21
Numurkah Flood Mitigation Project Northern Levee This project will construct the first stage of the Numurkah flood mitigation strategy, which is a levee on the northern bank of the Broken Creek.  $2,382,000 2021-22
Western Australia
Project Name Project Description Approved Funding Year Funded
Warmun Community Risk Mitigation The Warmun Community experienced a major flood in 2011. The community has been rebuilt, however the flood warning system is not fit for purpose and will be addressed. $700,000 2020-21

More information 

Read the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program 2020-21 Guidelines or the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program 2021-22 Guidelines for more details.

*This page was last updated on 6 October 2022.