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Independent Review of Commonwealth Disaster Funding - Public Submissions

Public Submissions – Independent Review of Commonwealth Disaster Funding

What is the Review about?

The Minister for Emergency Management, Senator the Hon. Murray Watt, has commissioned an Independent Review of Commonwealth Disaster Funding (the Review). Mr Andrew Colvin AO APM was appointed the Independent Reviewer on 1 February 2023. Mr Colvin is being supported by a team from consulting firm Deloitte and a taskforce within the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

The Review will explore the most effective ways for the Australian Government to support communities through the funding it provides to state and territory governments, local governments, businesses and community organisations in support of natural disaster management. It will consider how we can better invest in disaster risk reduction to lessen the impacts of natural disasters and help communities respond and recover more quickly.

Why is my input important?

The Independent Reviewer is interested in views and insights from across all levels of government, as well as industry, business, the not-for-profit sector and the community. He wants to hear from people who:

  • administer Commonwealth natural disaster funding relating to risk reduction, preparedness, resilience, response and recovery; or
  • have sought Commonwealth funding (successfully or otherwise) to reduce the risk of natural disaster impacts or to aid response to, or recovery from, a natural disaster.


Specifically, the Independent Reviewer is seeking input on:

  • Your experiences with Commonwealth disaster funding support;
  • Your ideas about how Commonwealth funding could support communities to reduce their disaster risk;
  • Your understanding of Commonwealth disaster funding processes; and
  • Your understanding of the funding roles of the Commonwealth, states and territories and local government during a disaster.


Submissions lodged through this process will be provided directly to the Independent Reviewer for his consideration as he undertakes the Review. With your consent, attributed and non-attributed submissions will be published on the NEMA website. Private submissions will only be shared with the Independent Reviewer and relevant personnel in Deloitte and NEMA and not published on the NEMA website.

How do I provide input?

To have your say:

What happens to my submission?

Your submission will be provided directly to the Independent Reviewer, and will help inform his conclusions and recommendations about how Commonwealth disaster funding can most effectively support Australian communities. It will also be read by staff from Deloitte and NEMA who are supporting the Independent Reviewer.

After submissions close, submissions (where permission to publish has been received) will be published on this website. If you agree, your name and/or your organisation’s name will be listed on the website against your submission. If you wish to remain anonymous, these details will not be published. There is also an option to lodge your submission privately. In these circumstances, your submission, name and/or organisation will not appear anywhere on the NEMA website.

Please note however, that any submission provided through this process may be the subject of a request under the federal Freedom of Information Act 1982. Any request for access to, or a copy of, a submission is determined in accordance with that Act, which has provisions designed to protect information from release that is given in confidence (amongst other exemptions). Whether relevant exemptions apply would depend on the circumstances of the case.

If you have any questions about the Review or the public submissions process please fill out the Contact Us form.

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